• Organizational Change: use in meetings where input from participants is essential to shaping their future. By allowing participants to actively engage in formulating change, their motivation and support and eventually success will increase.

  • Feedback sessions: use in meetings where you want the audience to tell you where you are with a program or service. Honest regular feedback will allow you to adjust to increase satisfaction. Participants will appreciate that their feedback is taken and resources won’t be wasted continuing down a sub-optimal path

  • Brainstorm sessions: use in meetings where you want to engage the crowd to enrich and multiply thoughts and ideas. By showing results realtime and in confidence, all participants will be stimulated to provide input. Sometimes the gold nuggets come from te persons who otherwise don’t dare to raise their voice

  • Conflict: use, delicately, to highlight the elephant in the room. By using the anonymous mode and asking the right questions, participants may open up and pinpoint different views, conflict or mistrust. Resolution starts by acknowledging an issue

  • Project and program management: use to check assumptions and or create consensus with stakeholders. Use to test how project rollout is perceived and how you may improve. Add at different times during the project as time capsules to continuously learn as a project organization 

    Sensitive topics: use for instance when teams do not perform and you want to help them realize this and help them reflect at what they can do to improve. HR teams can forinstance use to look at employee feedback and where and how to improve leadership or management. Sales teams can do the same to collectively figure out how to improve sales

  • Culture and Identity: use when you want to check how individuals look at the organization as a whole. Ask for instance in what words they would describe the company and see if this is coherent and if you need to work on the collective perception


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